Carrie Hsun

Media Consultant

Since working for a Spanish architecture firm in Beijing since 2012, Carrie has been deeply inspired by her fascination with branding and promotion of creative projects of every scale: from landscape design, architecture, interior design, product design and botanical design.

As a publicist for different local and international young architects and designers, Carrie has developed her own network of publishers and editors in the realm of architecture, design and lifestyle, both locally and internationally. She has curated and submited numerous design projects to media world wide over the past 7 years and greatly improved her clients’ brand visibility.

Since working for a Spanish architecture firm in Beijing since 2012, Carrie has been deeply inspired by her fascination with branding and promotion of creative projects of every scale: from landscape design, architecture, interior design, product design and botanical design. As a publicist for different local and international young architects and designers, Carrie has developed her own network of publishers and editors in the realm of architecture, design and lifestyle, both locally and internationally. She has curated and submited numerous design projects to media world wide over the past 7 years and greatly improved her clients’ brand visibility.