雅思睿设计研究室(archIStry design& research office),是一家立足于中国北京的多元化建筑及空间设计研究室。研究室提供国际化的策划、规划、建筑、室内、照明、景观、展览、平面以及产品设计或整体服务。研究室地点在中国,北京,前门。北京是一个走在世界前沿的城市,又蕴含着丰富的历史。研究室就处在这个多种元素及矛盾并存的中心。目前与空间相关的课题正趋于超出传统的设计边界,融入了本地文化、城市和历史背景,研究室并将其作为开拓空间设计的观念。研究室贯彻实体与虚体设计之间的转换,思考数字与价值之间的定义。通过建筑与空间策划对应建造动机,通过实体设计满足使用需求,通过场景营造表达创作观念。研究室正在传统经典设计方式的基础上,用其它补充方式对空间进行更新的尝试和诠释。

雅思睿设计研究室自成立以来,始终专注于建筑及空间设计的主业,并和许多文化、艺术团队、机构保持着良好的合作关系,致力于向社会提供高品质的设计服务,并逐渐形成“服务社会,创造价值,表达观念”的核心理念。研究室目前的项目分布在中国北方地区和亚洲、欧洲局部国家,拥有来自不同地方、不同文化背景的设计师,正是成员的差异与独特性增强了研究室的设计理念:用强烈的表达的动机,以全球化的观念,结合多元、多维度的设计理念,来创造新的建筑与空间范例。其作品获美国建筑大师奖(室内公共空间类荣誉奖)、Frame longlist、首都城市规划建筑设计优秀奖、中国人居典范评审规划金奖、全国优秀工程勘察设计行业奖、双节双优杯方案金奖、美国《Interior Design》年度最佳设计奖,亚太区室内设计大奖银奖等国内外多个奖项。作品被美国Better Homes&Gardens,西班牙Arquitectura Viva,荷兰Frame,中国安邸AD、建筑创作、瑞丽空间、时代建筑dezeen等媒体报道。被评为安邸AD及设计上海DESIGN SHANGHAI中国设计新锐的作品、北京国际设计周751D.Lab优秀的设计作品,并被选为保利国际设计品拍卖作品。


ARCHISTRY design& research office is a diverse design studio based in Beijing, China. It provides overall services of international planning, architecture, interiors, lighting, landscapes, exhibitions, graphic and product design.

The special reason for locating in Qianmen is that Beijing is a city at the forefront of the world with great history, ARCHISTRY design& research office at the center of this multi-element and contradiction can easily invite integrating local culture, city and historical background as pioneering design inspirations. Considering our recent construction-related issues, approaching beyond the delimitation of traditional design, we are trying to challenge and interpret the traditional boundaries of architecture in other complementary ways.

ARCHISTRY design& research office always focus on the main business of architectural space design integration since its establishment, and has maintained good cooperative relations with many cultures, art teams and institutions. It turns out to be committed to providing high quality design services to the public, and we gradually formed our core concept of “products serve society, design create values”

ARCHISTRY design& research office has been implementing transitions between physical and virtual design, and try to delimit the definition between numbers and values. The ideas are through space planning to correspond construction motivation, through actual design to meet the needs of use, through building scenes to create expression of creative concepts. With current projects are basically located in northern China and parts of European countries, we have employees from different places of different cultures, this uniqueness of the team enhances an essential design philosophy: the concept of globalization combines diversified and overlapping designing to create a new architectural paradigm.

The works have already won The Architecture Masterprize(Interior Design-Public Space category)Honorable Mention,FRAME longlist,Capital City Planning and Architectural Design Excellence Award, China Habitat Model Evaluation Planning Gold Award, the National Excellent Engineering Survey and Design Industry Award, Double Festival Double Cup Program Gold Award, the US Interior Design Award for Best Design, and Asia Pacific Interior Design Silver Award as well as many awards in and aboard. These works have also been reported by American Better Homes & Gardens, Arquitectura Viva of Spian, Frame of the Netherlands, AD, Architectural Creation, Ruili Space, and Dezeen. Once we were named as AD and DESIGN SHANGHAI (2015) China Design Innovation, Beijing International Design Week 751D outstanding designers, being selected as the author of Poly International Design Auction.

ARCHISTRY design& research office believes that one of the ultimate goals is to expand boundaries and bring tremendous opportunities to designing and researches. However, this prosperity is not just about design and research, with the rise of design and research comes from new experiences, new environments, new issues, new observations, new opportunities and imaginations that are constantly inspired and shared with others.